Zöld Liget Lakópark



The Zold Liget Housing Complex is situated in Szigetszentmiklos-Lakihegy, 1.5 kilometers from the southern border of Budapest, not far from the Halasztelek exit of the M0 highway.

For everyday grocery shopping, Aldi at 550m, Auchan at 2km (with a pharmacy and bank branch), and a bus station to Csepel Island townships at only 140m.

The unique properties of the complex:

Modern elegancy and comfort at only a few minutes away from Budapest!

The Zold Liget Housing Complex changes the definition of apartments and homes, to a vision where no compromise is neccessary between being proximate to the capital, and having your own garden and parking space.

Our services and infrastrucutre create an unparalleled experience.

Upon the completion of the two stage project, you will be delivered a complete flat, satisfying every need of your comfort.

If you desire a luxurious, calm place that is close to nature, where the tranquil suburban lifestyle and the convenience of the proximate capital is combined, Zold Liget is for you!

Besides the gorgeous prospect of the landscape, our houses are equipped with smart home features to make your days more comfortable.

The homes are maintained by a heat pump system, reducing upkeep costs to a minimum.

In the center of the habitat, shielded from the noise of the streets, and ornamental lake will be constructed

The buildings may be approached by a walkway covered by the elder trees that surround the park, where you may relax in a cultured, natural environment. The most comfortable way to approach the apartments is through the lift of the underground parking space, which is accessible to the physically disabled as well.

The size of the apartments available in Zold Liget ranges from 39.10m2 to 85,01m2 homes, with 1, 2, or 3 rooms.

Ground floor apartments come attached with terraces, while upper floor homes have balconies. All homes have a secured garden parking space, with and optional underground parking space that may be purchased at an extra cost.

An auxiliary electric charging service is available in our underground parking lots, which may be used by the owner of the given parking space.

The homes we deliver are fully complete, but naturally, we are ready to fulfill the unique costumization demands of our costumers, within the frameworks of the construction permit. Kitchen furniture is not included in the purchase price, but our precise kitchen furniture expert partner produces unique products. If you pre-order, the kitchen furniture may be installed by the time of delivery. The interior designer can completely furnish your new home at request, and then you can move in to the apartment like you would a occupy hotel room.

Cladding, doors:

All bathroom tiles, kitches tiles, floor tiles, parquetry, and interior doors may be hand-picked from the compiled variations. We offer multiple cladding plans, but unique designs can be implemented too, at an additional cost. If none of those options are satisfactory, then you may freely chose from our suppliers extraordinarily large selection, to your own financial discretion.

Interior doors have many more costumization possibilites apart from the colors. There are glass inserts, with many kinds of shapes and types of glass. The options include metal decor profiles and different style door handles from our surcharge catalog.

Due to warranty related reasons, we cannot undertake other requests differing from what is described above, even at a surcharge.

Electric vehicles:

Environmental protection, modern, energy-saving, and the use of effective technologies are all important to Zold Liget . There will be no polluting appliances in the park other than the vehicles.
An increasing number of people are using plug-in hybrids and all-electric cars in our country, and according to projections, this number will dinamically increase in the future.

A Zöld Liget Lakópark valamennyi társasházában lehetőség van rá, hogy az elektromos autóval rendelkező, vagy annak vásárlását tervező ügyfeleink ne csak tárolják, de bármikor fel is tölthessék autóikat, így minden nap kihasználhatják az akkumulátoruk maximális kapacitását.
Every unit in Zold Liget offers not only parking, but also electric charging for people who own, or plan to purchase an electric vehicle, allowing you to utilize the maximum capacity of your battery every day.

Common costs:

Common costs include the heating and colling costs, hot water, bi-weekly communal garbage collection (on monday and thursday), waste management, care and maintenance of the common areas of the complex and its park, power consumption of the energy-saving LED lighting of common areas and other equipments (e.g. water pumps), water consumption of common areas, other management costs (condimonium manager, officice, accounting, tax and administrative costs), but naturally, exclude the charging of electric vehicles, and the private power consumption of occupants. The central heat pump system reduces the costs of hot water, heating, and cooling to such a degree, that seperate systems for each house hold would significantly increase costs for the individual in every case.

Technical content:

The foundation of buildings, the underground parking, the floorspaces, and the support structure pillars have a monolothic reinforced concrete structure. The walls of the building are 38cm thick ceramic frames, all buildings are outfitted with a 14cm thick thermal insulation system, the apartment divider walls are 20cm thick soundproof walls, which are covered by 5cm more Ytong walling. The roofing is wooden structure, with tile shelling. Doors and windows are made with triple layer insulating glazing. The shading technique utilizes white, electric, built-in aluminium shutters.

Heating is provided by a ceiling heating system, that together with the domestic hot water, is produced by the central heat pump.

Likewise, the cooling solution is also a ceiling system operated by a central heat pump.

Pick from our vacant homes and make your dreams come true with us!