Zöld Liget Lakópark


Our new apartments are purchased by people who pay far more attention to themselves and their environment than average.
The residental community is authentic and tangible. People mind each other, and the building as well. The matter of common costs is way less troublesome compared what is standard.

Buying specifically at the beginning of construction is regarded as a good investment, since upon the completion of the construction process the prices typically increase by 15-20%.
The new homes retain their value, and there is demand for leasing as well, thus long term investments are also excellent.

New buildings and homes must comply with the strict effective construction regulations, and take into account the residential expectations that weren’t self-evident for even 1-2 decades.
In a new home, you wont need to stumble around in dark corridors, your neighbors won’t peek into your living room or kitchen, washing machines and dishwashers have their own reserved space, and neither will microwave blow a fuse at night.
New homes are much safer, ergonomic, asd livable, than the decades old buildings.

In the case of recently built houses, not only the apartments, but also the building itself is brand new; the walls, the waterproofing, the thermal insulation, the stairwells, the wiring, and the lifts are new as well.
Unlike in the case of a house “renovated for selling”, you don’t have to be concerned about what could be under the fresh paint layer, or if the building is even statically adequate at all.
And not only is it brand new, it’s both quality and modern.
The building materials are branded products and posses the required certifications.

This is one of the least palpable, but most important aspects: people feel differently in a new house, than a old one.
Moving into our new apartments feel like switching from a 30 year old Lada to a freshly bought new BMW.
The many lesser issues, like the smashed door of the mailbox, the squalid garbage collectors, the wobbly tiles on the corridor, the graffities, suddenly cease to exist
The change is easy to get used to, and we barely notice it, until we visit our previous home.
It is not a coincidence that people who have purchased new homes, will insist on picking modern builds when moving.

The foremost assurance of quality is the fact that the houses wil be built by the construction company belonging to the Zold Liget apartment complex, Zold Liget Lakopark Kft, which guarantess that the contractor can not choose to put their own interests first at the expense of their costumers.